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Qns. What are the advantages of e-Learning ?

Ans. Web-based training over traditional classroom training has the following advantages:

  • 24x7 'Anywhere-Anytime' Online platform.
  • User can learn at his/her own pace.
  • Online Quiz and self evaluation.
  • Availability of online chat.
  • Progress tracking on per module basis.

Qns. How do I access NIELIT e-Learning portal?

Ans. NIELIT e-Learning portal is accessible from the 'NIELITs e-content portal' link via e-Learning link on NIELIT official website www.nielit.gov.in. or it can be directly accessible through URL 'econtent.nielit.gov.in'.

Qns. Is user registration mandatory on NIELIT e-Learning portal?

Ans. Yes, User registration is mandatory to access NIELIT e-Learning modules. As of now, it is free of charge and a very simple process to get register in just few key presses.

Qns. How do I register on NIELIT e-Learning portal ?

Ans. To facilitate user registration on the portal, Register link is given on home page. This link will take user to registration form where you have to select user type (NIELIT student or Others). Fill up the details in the registration form and submit it. If all the details found to be correct, an email will be sent to your email provided. Access the URL mentioned in email for confirmation.

Qns. What is the deffernce between NIELIT student as user and Other users ?

Ans. NIELIT students as users are those students who are already registered in any of the NIELIT courses. The users who want to access the portal but are not registered with NIELIT are Other users.

Qns. What is a module ?

Ans. A module is a subject offered under existing NIELIT courses such as O, A, B, C level.. Some courses like CCC, BCC have only one module.

Qns. How can I access a module and its content ?

Ans. To access a module and its content login to NIELIT e-Learning portal and select the module you want to enrol in.